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Advisory Groups

to the CTA Board of Directors (other than State Council Advisory Committees)

Advisory Panel on Endorsed Services

Higher Education Advisory Committee

Advisory Panel on Legal Services

Human Rights Awards Selection Committee

Budget Committee

Intern Selection Committee

Bass, Ted/Joyce Fadem Awards Committee

Issues Conference Planning Committee

Cadre Review Workgroup

Large Urban Advisory Committee

California Reads/Read Across America Activities Planning Committee

Liaison Committee

Campaign Workgroup

Long Term Strategic Planning Coordinating Workgroup

Cesar Chavez Memorial Education Awards Committee

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund Committee

Communications Advisory Committee

NEA Convention Coordinating Committee

Crisis Assistance Panel

NEA Convention Task Force

CTA Scholarship Committee

NEA Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence Interview Committee

CTA/ABC Committee

NEA Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence Screening Committee

CTA/NEA Interview Team

NEA ESP At-Large Candidate Interview Team

Disaster Relief Fund Committee

NEA Fund for Children and Public Education

Diversity Advisory Panel 

Online Task Force

Elections and Credentials Committee

Political Academy Planning Committee

Equity and Human Rights Conference Planning Committee

Region I Leadership Conference Planning Committee

ESEA Reauthorization Workgroup

Region II Leadership Conference Planning Committee

ESP Issues Advisory Committee

Region III Leadership Conference Planning Committee

Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee

Region IV Leadership Conference Planning Committee

Ethnic Minority Leaders Early ID & Dvlpmt Program Workgroup

Representation Committee

Executive Officers Circle

Rural Issues Advisory Committee

Foundation For Teaching and Learning Committee

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues Advisory Committee

GLBT Guy De Rosa Safety in Schools Grant & Scholarship Committee

Statewide Offices Interview Team – US Senate

GLBT Issues Conference Planning Committee

Summer Institute Planning Committee

Good Teaching Conference Planning Committee

Tax Fairness and Economic Justice Cadre

Governance Documents Review Committee

Teacher Evaluation Workgroup

Grassroots Lobby Program Workgroup

Vendor Evaluation and Screening Committee

Health Benefits Advisory Coordinating Committee



State Council of Education

Standing Policy Committees of the Council Committees and Officers - Chairs/Vice Chairs 

Adult, Alternative, Career & Tech. Ed.     
Ruth Luevand, Chair    

Professional Rights and 
Kojo McCallum, Chair

Assessment and Testing 
Jennifer Pettey, Chair

Ashley-Jane Bettas-Alcalá, Chair 

David B. Goldberg, Chair

Denise Bradford, Chair

Civil Rights in Education 
Charles Shannon, Chair 

School Safety / School Management 
Linda Chan, Chair

Mona Davidson, Chair 

Special Education Committee 
Michael Flores-Castenada, Chair 

Credentials & Professional Development 
Ryan Ruelas, Chair

State Legislation 
Joe Bartell, Chair

Curriculum and Instruction 
Yolanda Munoz, Chair

Student Support Services 
Kristen Barnes, Chair

Early Childhood Education 
Monique Segura, Chair

Teacher Evaluation and Academic 
Donald Stauffer, Chair

Elections and Credentials 
Jeanne Marks, Chair

Service Center Council Chairs
Christopher Aguilar, Chair

Financing Public Education 
Jodi Dayberry, Chair   

ESP Issues Advisory
Dan Kivett, Chair

Language Acquisition and Development
Veronica Miranda-Pinkney, Chair

Community College Association
Lynette Nyaggah/Brad Reynolds

Allen Freemon, Chair

Political Involvement 
Dorothy Kim, Chair


Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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