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Saturday Program

(subject to change)

10:00 am: Orientation

Polling Instructions, Practice

10:30 am: First General Session

Call to Order / E. Toby Boyd, CTA President

Acknowledgment of Tribal Lands / E. Toby Boyd

State Council Minutes, January 23, 2021` / Leslie S. Littman, CTA Secretary-Treasurer


  • Elections & Credentials Committee / Jeanne Marks, Chairperson

Report of the Treasurer / Leslie S. Littman

CTA Board Report / David B. Goldberg, CTA Vice President

Report of the President / E. Toby Boyd

California Teacher of the Year / E. Toby Boyd

2021 Paula J. Monroe ESP of the Year Award / E. Toby Boyd

Women’s History Month Presentation / Yurii Camacho 

The Dolores Huerta and César Chavez Observance / Alberto Nodal

Report of the Executive Director / Joe Boyd

Candidate Speeches for the following offices: / Jeanne Marks

NEA Board, District 2

NEA Board, District 8

NEA Board, District 11

1:00 pm: Second General Session

Call to Order / E. Toby Boyd

CTA Board Report (Continued)David B. Goldberg, CTA Vice President

Committee Reports / Chairpersons

  • State Legislation / Kathy Sharp
  • Early Childhood Education / Paula Merrigan
  • School Safety/School Management / Eric Roudabush Professional Rights & Responsibilities / Karen Lord-Eyewe
  • Civil Rights in Education / Taunya Jaco
  • Communications / James Benanti
  • Credentials & Professional Development / Ryan Ruelas Curriculum & Instruction / Pia VanMeter
  • Retirement / Leonard Goldberg
  • Adult, Alternative, & Career Technical Education / Kristin Montoya Financing Public Education / Grant Schuster
  • Assessment & Testing / David Lollar
  • Student Support Services / Erika Zamora
  • Negotiations / Kyna Collins
  • Special Education / Roberta Kreitz
  • Language Acquisition / Chaz Garcia
  • Political Involvement / Shay Lohman
  • Teacher Evaluation & Academic Freedom / Alexandra Condon

Announcements / Leslie S. Littman

Close in Memory of / E. Toby Boyd

Drawings & Adjournment 

State Council Report of Board of Directors

I am proud to join fellow educators from California at #WeAreCTA's Virtual State Council of Education. We are unified in the fight for public education and for our students to have the education they deserve.