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  Networking Group   AD/SD
California Association for Career and Technical Education

Edward Youngblood*

Career Education   27/15
The Association for Career and College Readiness Organizations

Melody McGill*

Career Education 8/12
California Agricultural Teachers Association

Jennifer Pareas

Career Education   3/4
California Industrial and Technical Education Association

Ruth Luevand*

Career Education   41/25
  Networking Group   AD/SD
California Alliance for Arts Education

Robert J. Bassett*

Curriculum Issues   41/25
  Networking Group   AD/SD
Asian Americans Advancing Justice

Dixie Johansen *

Equity Issues   25/10

Equality California

C. Scott Miller *

Equity Issues 68/37
Fair Employment & Housing Commission (FEHC)

Mark Murray

Watch Dogs  
  Networking Group   AD/SD
California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC)

Harold Acord *

Danette Brown

Grace Harm (Student CTA)

Curriculum Issues

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs



California Collaborative for Education Excellence (CCEE)

Lynette Henley

Watch Dogs 14/03
California Music Education Association

James Benanti*
(CPD/Communications Chair)

Curriculum Issues   40/23
California Science Educators

Laurie Scheibner*

Curriculum Issues   01/01
Western Association of Schools and Colleges – 3 Year Terms

Danny Blas

Curriculum Issues   78/39
  Networking Group   AD/SD
California Association for The Education of Young Children  
Yvonne Molles Student Services   21/33
California Kindergarten Association
Angela Schut Student Services 5/12
First 5 California Children and Families Commission  
Monique L. Segura* Student Services   19/35
Parent Teachers Association (PTA)    
~VACANT~ Curriculum Issues    
  Networking Group   AD/SD
CAASPP Stakeholder Group- Promoting Authentic College, Career & Civic Readiness Assessment Systems
Patrick Mitchell* Curriculum Issues   9/15
Fair Employment & Housing Commission (FEHC)
Jodi Dayberry Watch Dogs 05/03
Mark Murray Watch Dogs  
Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC)  
Pat Mazzuli Watch Dogs   42/23
  Networking Group   AD/SD
California Association for Bilingual Educators (CABE)  
Veronica Miranda-Pinkney Equity Issues   15/27
California Association of Mexican American Educators
Raul Gonzalez* Equity Issues 26/16
  Networking Group   AD/SD
Advisory Commission on Charter Schools  
Kyna Collins* (NEG, Chair) Watch Dogs   27/50
Consumer Federation of California Policy Board
Allen Freemon* Watch Dogs 43/25
Public Employment Relations Board (PERB)  
John Anderson Watch Dogs   5/13
  Networking Group   AD/SD
California Reading Association  
Andrea Reyna* Curriculum Issues   24/13
  Networking Group   AD/SD
Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)  
~VACANT~ Watch Dogs    
State Teachers Retirement System (STRS)
Phyllis Hall * (Elections/RET) Watch Dogs 72/34
Kevin Welch* (RET, Vice Chair) Watch Dogs 34/72
Leonard Goldberg* (RET, Chair) Watch Dogs 27/45
  Networking Group   AD/SD
Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC)  
Heather Mumy* Watch Dogs    
  Networking Group   AD/SD
Advisory Commission on Special Education   
Rebekah Acord* Student Services   61/31
California Association of Resource and Special Educators + (CARS+)
Jessica Hilderbrand Student Services
California Association of School Psychologists  
Josie Malik* Student Services   13/06
California Association Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (CATESOL)    
Yolanda Tamayo* Student Services   22/48
California Community of Practice on Secondary Transition    
Stacy A. Williams Student Services   39/78
California Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Lisa Coburn
Student Services   5/12


  Networking Group   AD/SD
California Association of School Counselors  
Kirsten Barnes* Student Services   32/14
California Pupil Services Coalition
Patty Taylor * Student Services 40/23
California School Library Association  
~VACANT~ Curriculum Issues    
California School Nurses Organization – Liaison To    
Jacquella Payne * Student Services   55/29
Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) – State Level    
CTA Alternate Liaisons    
Janet Eberhardt* Student Services   14/07
  Networking Group   AD/SD
Council of Faculty Organizations  
Eric Kaljumagi (CCA, Chair) Watch Dogs   25/41
Randa Wahbe (CCA, Vice Chair) Watch Dogs   25/41

* Denotes State Council Member

**According to our records these are the Senate and Assembly legislative districts for your home address. If this is not correct please let us know.

State Council Committee Key

 ACTE –  Alternative, Career & Technical Education
 AST –  Assessment & Testing
 CRE –  Civil Rights in Education
 CPD –  Credential and Professional Development
 C&I –  Curriculum and Instruction
 ECE –  Early Childhood Education
 FPE –  Financing Public Education
 LNG –  Language Acquisition
 NEG –  Negotiations
 PIC –  Political Involvement
 PRR –  Professional Rights and Responsibilities
 RET –  Retirement
 SSM –  School Safety/School Management
 SEC –  Special Education Committee
 State Legislation
 SPS  Student Support Services
 Teacher Evaluation & Academic Freedom
 SCC –  Service Center Councils
 CTA ESP Issues Advisory
 CCA –  Community College Association
 SCTA –  Student California Teachers Association