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SC Assignment Networking Group AD/SD
 Advisory Commission on Charter Schools
Kyna Collins* (NEG) Watch Dogs
Advisory Commission on Special Education
Rebekah Acord* (SEC) Student Services 61/31
Kelly Connell Sandler* (SEC) Student Services 16/07
Asian Americans Advancing Justice
Dixie Johansen * (CRE) Equity Issues 25/10
California Association for Bilingual Educators (CABE)
Veronica Miranda-Pinkney*  (LNG) Equity Issues
California Association for The Education of Young Children
Yvonne Molles  (ECE) Student Services 21/33
California Association for Career and Technical Education
Edward Youngblood* (ACTE) Career Education 27/15
California Association of Mexican American Educators
Raul Gonzalez* (LNG) Equity Issues 26/16
California Association of Resource Specialists+ (CARS+)
Alan Rawlins (SEC) Student Services 76/36
The Association for Career and College Readiness Organizations (ROP)
Gary Roberts (ACTE) Career Education 36/21
California Association of School Counselor
Kirsten Barnes* (SPS) Student Services 32/14
California Association of School Psychologists
Josie Malik* (SEC) Student Services 13/06
California Association of Teachers of English
Mindy Montanio*  (C&I) Equity Issues 34/16
California Association Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (CATESOL)
Laura DuPre (LNG) Equity Issues 75/38
California Agricultural Teachers Association
VACANT (ACTE) Career Education
California Alliance for Arts Education
Robert J. Bassett* (AST) Curriculum Issues 41/25
California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC)
Harold Acord * (CPD) Curriculum Issues 61/31
Sarah Ashley Jones (CPD) Watch Dogs
Danette Brown (CPD) Watch Dogs 42/23
California Collaborative for Education Excellence (CCEE)
VACANT (CPD) Watch Dogs
Council of Faculty Organizations/Chancellors Consultation Council
Eric Kaljumagi Watch Dogs
Randa Wahbe Watch Dogs
California Community of Practice on Secondary Transition
Ed Amundson* (SEC) Student Services 09/06
California Council for Adult Education (CCAE)
Margarita Ortiz-Minett* (ACT) Career Education
California Council for the Social Studies
Cindy Crawford (C&I) Curriculum Issues 16/07
California Industrial and Technical Education Association
Ruth Luevana * (ACTE) Career Education 41/25
California Kindergarten Association
VACANT (ECE) Student Services 06/08
California Math Council
Krista Morales (C&I) Curriculum Issues 75/28
California Middle Grades Alliance
Troy Liggins * (C&I) Curriculum Issues 40/23
California Music Education Association
James Benanti* (CPD) Curriculum Issues 40/23
California Native American Heritage Commission
Mary Levi Equity Issues 23/40
California Occupational Safety/Health Agency (Cal OSHA)
VACANT (SLG) Career Education
California Pupil Services Coalition
Patty Taylor * (SPS) Also Chair Student Services 40/23
California Reading Association
Andrea Reyna* (PIC) Curriculum Issues 24/13
California School Library Association
Nicole Piscionere* (SPS primary; C&I secondary) Curriculum Issues 28/15
California School Nurses Organization – Liaison To
Jacquella Payne * (SPS) Student Services 55/29
California Science Teachers Association
Elizabeth Marroquin* (C&I/CPD) Curriculum Issues 60/31
California Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Trina Brown * (PR&R/SEC) Student Services 42/23
Californians Together:  A Round Table for Quality Education
Francisco Ortiz Equity Issues
CDE Public Schools Accountability Act (PSAA) Advisory Committee
Brad Reynolds (AST) Curriculum Issues
Computer Using Educators (CUE)
R. Corey Moore  (STL) Career Education 42/23
Consumer Federation of California Policy Board
Allen Freemon * (NEG) Watch Dogs 43/25
Equality California
C. Scott Miller * (CRE) Equity Issues 68/37
Fair Employment & Housing Commission (FEHC)
Jodi Dayberry (FPE) Watch Dogs
Mark Murray (CRE) Watch Dogs
Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC)
Pat Mazzuli (FPE) Watch Dogs 42/23
Laura Finco (FPE) Watch Dogs 16/07
First 5 California Children and Families Commission
Monique L. Segura* (ECE) Student Services 19/35
Instructional Quality Commission
Daly Jordan-Koch (C&I) Watch Dogs 14/03
Tamara Carr (C&I) Watch Dogs 14/03
Lottery Commission
Robert Hudson (FPE) Watch Dogs 67/23
Parent Teachers Association (PTA)
Lynette Henley (ECE) Curriculum Issues 14/03
Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)
Jackie Lee – ESP *  (RET) Watch Dogs 30/54
Public Employment Relations Board (PERB)
Bill Cavanaugh (NEG) Watch Dogs 75/38
State Board of Education (SBE)
Lorraine Richards (C&I other committees as appropriate to issues) Curriculum Issues 58/32
Angela Der-Ramos (C&I other committees as appropriate to issues) Equity Issues 30/12
Sheila Whitely (C&I other committees as appropriate to issues) Curriculum Issues 21/12
State Teachers Retirement System (STRS)
Denise Bradford * (RET) Watch Dogs 73/36
Phyllis Hall * (RET) Watch Dogs 72/34
John Anderson (RET) Watch Dogs 13/05
Kevin Welch* (RET) Watch Dogs
Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) – State Level
Ken Johnson * (SPS) Student Services 12/05
Western Association of Schools and Colleges – 3 Year Terms
Danny Blas * (CPD) Curriculum Issues 78/39
CTA Alternate Liaisons
Janet Eberhardt * (SEC) Student Services 14/07
Maria Elena Caballero (NEG) Equity Issues 25/57
Larry Casias Watch Dogs Career Education
Rebecca Harper Curriculum Issues 40/23
Curtis Washington Watch Dogs
Nancy Hofrock

* Denotes State Council Member

**According to our records these are the Senate and Assembly legislative districts for your home address. If this is not correct please let us know.

State Council Committee Key

 ACTE –  Alternative, Career & Technical Education
 AST –  Assessment & Testing
 CRE –  Civil Rights in Education
 CPD –  Credential and Professional Development
 C&I –  Curriculum and Instruction
 ECE –  Early Childhood Education
 FPE –  Financing Public Education
 LNG –  Language Acquisition
 NEG –  Negotiations
 PIC –  Political Involvement
 PRR –  Professional Rights and Responsibilities
 RET –  Retirement
 SSM –  School Safety/School Management
 SEC –  Special Education Committee
 State Legislation
 SPS  Student Support Services
 Teacher Evaluation & Academic Freedom
 SCC –  Service Center Councils
 CTA ESP Issues Advisory
 CCA –  Community College Association
 SCTA –  Student California Teachers Association