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Posted May 15, 2012 in Site Pages

2012 Special Education Report

CTA's 2012 report on Special Education in California.

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Posted October 24, 2012 in the Blog

Taxes Aren’t Driving Millionaires from California, Stanford Study Finds

A newly released study by two Stanford professors debunks assertions by tax foes that California’s “high taxes,” including past increases and those pending on the Novem...

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2011 Equity and Human Rights Conference presentations

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Research: Characteristics of Successful Schools

What the research indicates successful schools have in common.

Posted November 30, 2009 in California Educator


Financial literacy growing in value

A study by Arizona Pathways to Life Success for University Students (APLUS) released in May shows nearly 73 percent of students surveyed resorted to at least one “risky” financial behavior, such...

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Posted May 29, 2009 in Press Releases

California's Students Suffer Death By A Billion Cuts

As cuts to California’s students continue to be rolled out a dizzying pace, some may have trouble keeping up with the staggering total of cuts to education, which has now reached an unimaginable...

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Posted February 29, 2012 in California Educator


Analyzing hate

Going to extremes is nothing new for Brian Levin, a criminal justice professor at CSU San Bernardino. As the director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, he advises top government officials,...

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Posted September 12, 2013 in California Educator


Good Teaching Conference North

Sharing best practices and trends is a hallmark of CTA’s Good Teaching Conferences. All presenters pass rigorous muster for the opportunity to share their knowledge, skill and expertise with CTA...

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2013 Presidents Conference materials

Materials for Presidents Conference

Posted May 13, 2011 in California Educator

Tips for teaching gifted students

Lessons from the classroom

The following tips on teaching gifted students in your classroom come from Beth Littrell, Bryan Feci and other CTA members, as well as members of the California...

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