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Ethnic Minority Leadership Development Program

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As part of the California Teachers Association’s commitment to quality public education and equity for all, the CTA Human Rights Department coordinates the Ethnic Minority Leadership Development Program to assist in creating pluralistic leadership within the Association. This training program was designed to promote the value of minority involvement at all levels within CTA with the intent of increasing the number of minorities in leadership roles. This program will also allow members to get a better understanding of how their associations work.

The program consists of a core of four components that are to be presented in a day-long training sponsored by the service center council or local chapter. Consultation with the Human Rights Department is recommended for assistance in program planning.


One full day of training is recommended. Individual workshop times are 90 minutes - 2 hours.

Participant Limit:

Minimum 15 participants to a maximum of 50.
The four training components include:

  • Understanding the System - Association Accessibility
    This session will provide participants with information about the governance structure of NEA, CTA and the local. In order to become more involved as a minority this session will provide you with that information.
  • Communication for Effective Leadership
    This component deals with the importance of good communication with a focus on interpersonal skills, group articulation and intergroup dynamics. Included is a survey of communication styles.
  • Obstacles to Association Involvement
    This session examines difficulties experienced by minority members in becoming successfully involved in association activities and programs and will give you an opportunity to discuss the obstacles.
  • Empowerment for Leaders
    This session focuses on the definition of power and how leaders use power to achieve their goals within the Association. The instruments and sources of power will be explored. Attention is given to campaign strategies.

Contact Pat Fuentes, Human Rights Department at (562) 478-1374 or pfuentes@cta.org.

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