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Enhancing Public Education Program

These workshops are designed to promote the value of public education and correct misinformation circulated by anti-public education groups. These workshops are provided by CTA staff.

Moving Towards Cultural Competency: Transforming Classroom Practices

What factors contribute to the achievement gap? What can we do as association members to stem the tide of poor children and children of color “left behind” in the achievement race? One way educators can meet this challenge is to develop cultural competency. Cultural competency is the ability to work effectively with students and parents from different cultures. In this interactive workshop, participants will engage in activities and develop strategies that promote cross cultural understanding in order to build effective relationships with students, colleagues, parents and the community.

Time: 90 min. - 2 hours

CARE - Strategies for Closing the Achievement Gap

In today’s increasingly diverse learning environment, the ability to teach across cultures is a requisite skill to ensure student achievement. Research suggest that utilizing best practices connected to culture, abilities, resilience and effort – what we call the “C.A.R.E. themes” can help close the achievement gap for poor and/or culturally and linguistically diverse students. This is an interactive workshop and participants will receive a collection of classroom activities and lessons.
Time: 90 min. - 2 hours


Please contact your Primary Contact Staff or the Human Rights Staff for your region.

Human Rights Staff
Gail Watts, Region 1 gwatts@cta.org 
Vacant, Region 2
Reena Doyle, Region 3 Rdoyle@cta.org
Lisa Adams, Region 4 LAdams@cta.org

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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