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Women's Leadership Training Program

Women's Leadership Training Program Brochure


Over 70% of the teaching force is made up of women. This leadership training is designed to ensure that women members will be prepared for leadership roles.

This training program is presented by a cadre of volunteer CTA members who are specifically trained in the content area.

Personal Assessment of Leadership Skills

This program is designed by women for women to discover how they perceive themselves as well as how others see them so they can move into leadership roles.

1. Can't Decide?!*
(90 min - 2 hours) Getting things done: group decisions. Learn how groups overcome obstacles and how to facilitate decision making.

2. Who Am I? *
(90 min - 2 hours) Do you know how to asses your self-esteem? This workshop explores ways to develop a positive self-concept.

3. What's Your Style?!*
(90 min - 2 hours) What do you have to do to overcome the "old guard" and move into leadership? Learn about assertive behavior and how to handle criticism.

4. Stressed? *
(90 min - 2 hours) Learn helpful "tips" for managing stress in all aspects of your daily life. Discover how life changes and your behavior impact your stress level.

5. Can't Say No?!
(30 min) Learn techniques for organizing your life and managing time. Know when to say "NO!"

* These workshops can be adapted for classroom use.

Organizational Analysis Skills

This program focuses on empowerment. Experience decision making skills in both personal and professional life.

1. Women and Power
(90 min) Do you link "women" and "power" in the same thought? Learn about sources of power and how to use it effectively.

2. Making Choices
(90 min) So many decisions, so little time.... Experience interactive approaches to making choices. Explore ways to implement and evaluate the decisions that affect your life.

Personal and Professional Decision Making Skills

This program allows participants to explore individual values and develop goals. Goal setting options are evaluated and compared with individual values.

1. Values!
(90 min) What are your core values? Are you using them to determine your goals? Learn some strategies to recognize your ideal and real values.

2. Step in the Right Direction
(90 min) How are you spending your time? Does it reflect what you say you value? Learn to harmonize your beliefs with your actions.

Group Process Skills

Learn how to establish common goals with diverse groups. Participants should include diverse groups of women and men.

1. Sex, Race and CTA
(90 min) Examine the multicultural, gender equity and behavioral characteristics of women and men leaders.

2. Count Me In!
(90 min) Are you an inclusive leader? Explore inclusive leadership skills and activities for use in the Association.

3. Are You Listening?
(90 min) Learn to use attending, observing and listening skills in order to become a responsive leader. 

Scheduling Training

It is recommended that an entire program be considered for all-day Saturday. Individual workshops can be planned for after school, evenings, conferences, or as half-day training sessions.

Requesting Training

Contact the Human Rights Department to request workshop dates and times. Workshops may be requested by Chapter Presidents, Human Rights and Women's Issues Contacts, Service Center Council Chairs and primary contact staff.


Workshops are presented at no charge. Requesters are expected to provide appropriate training facilities, A/V equipment and refreshments as needed. Handout materials are shipped by the Human Rights Department to the training location prior to the workshop. Trainers will bring their own training materials.


Contact Pat Fuentes at (562) 478-1374 or pfuentes@cta.org.

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