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K-3 Science Activities

Ice Is Nice

Improve observation and questioning skills through freezing and melting ice. Add water to an ice cube try and set it in the freezer. Ask your child how long it will take to freeze. For variety, use different levels of water in different sections of the tray. Set ice cubes on a table. Ask your child how long they will take to melt. Why do they melt? Place the ice cubes in different areas of the room. Do they melt faster in some places than in others? Why?

Float and Sink

Encourage hypothesizing (guessing). Use several objects — soap, a dry sock, a bottle of shampoo, a wet sponge, an empty bottle. Ask your child which objects will float when dropped into water in a sink or bathtub. Then drop the objects in the water, one by one, to test your child's hypotheses.

Caring for and Feeding Plants

Teach cause-and-effect relationships. Give your child two similar, healthy plants. Ask the child to water one plant and ignore the other for a week or two, keeping both plants in the same place. At the end of that time, ask the child to water the drooping plant. Then talk about what happens.

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