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Grades 6-8 Reading Activities

Getting Around

Put reading skills to practical use. Gather bus and subway route maps and schedules to a special place in your area — the zoo, a museum, a football stadium. Let your child plan a trip for friends or family. Figure out the transportation available, the travel time required, the cost, and the best time to make the trip.

Finding Needed Information

Introduce your child to the many kinds of information in the daily newspaper. Ask your child to find the pages containing news about government leaders, editor's opinions, weather reports, car sales, house and apartment rentals, and want ads. Discuss how this information is used.

Follow the News

Keep well informed. As a family, choose an important news event to follow for a day or two. Ask each person to find as much information on the topic as possible — read newspapers, listen to the radio, watch TV news. Then talk about what everyone learned in a special family get-together.

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