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Grades 4-5 Social Studies Activities

History Time Line

Record history at home. Stretch a roll of shelf paper along the floor. Use a ruler to make a horizontal line about three feet long. (Use a separate sheet for each child.) Ask children to fill in the important dates in their own lives, starting with their date of birth. Those familiar with U.S. history can fill in the significant dates since the founding of our country. Display these finished time lines in a prominent place for all to see.

The Foreign Touch

Travel abroad at home. Visit ethnic shops, foodstores, and restaurants in your community. Give your children time to browse, eat a snack or dessert, and perhaps buy a trinket. Before the trip, discuss different ethnic customs and have children find the country on a map. After the trip, let the children talk about what they have seen.

A Closer Look

Look more closely at the family division of labor. Help your children become aware of family responsibilities by making a chart of family chores, including the name of the person responsible, the days and time required, etc. Discuss ways to change or improve these job assignments.

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