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Grades 4-5 Reading Activities

A Lifetime of Reading

Encourage lifelong reading. Read with youngsters by taking roles in stories and acting out dramatic poems. Whenever possible, tape record these sessions. Then listen to and enjoy these performances together.

Street Smarts

Put reading skills to practical use. Gather bus and subway route maps and schedules to a special place in your area — the zoo, a museum, a football stadium. Let your child plan a trip for friends or family. Figure out the transportation available, the travel time required, the cost, and the best time to make the trip.

TV and the World

Connect current events to TV viewing. Post a world map next to the TV set. Watch the TV news with your children and have them locate world news spots. Keep reference books such as dictionaries and the world almanac close by. In this way, children can find answers to questions they might have about words or foreign countries.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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