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Grades 4-5 Math Activities

A Trip to the Supermarket

Plan ahead with the 3 Rs. Ask your child to choose a dish to prepare for a meal — a pudding, a salad, a sandwich. Have your child check to see what supplies are on hand and then make a written shopping list. At the supermarket, let the child select the food on the list. First the child decides which items are the best buys on the shelves and then makes selections. Also have the child write the price of each item on the list and figure the total, checking the prices against the sales slip.

On the Move

Sharpen math skills on trips. Use even short trips around town for learning experiences. For example, at the gas station, ask your child how much gas you needed and the cost per gallon. On the highway, ask children to read the signs and check the different speed limits. Then ask them to watch the speedometer readings and notice how fast or slow the car is going. Have children estimate distances between cities and check the estimates on a road map.

Newspaper Math

Introduce new topics for dinner table conversation. Ask your child to pretend to be an investor and choose a stock from the stock market pages of the daily newspaper. Have your child keep a record of the stock's progress for a week or two and then figure profit or loss. Discuss baseball and football scores and averages on the sports pages. Who are the high scorers? What are the percentages?

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