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CTA Radio Commercial "Take Action" | Sometime the problem gets so bad you just need to take action…The devastating cutbacks in education and public safety are tearing apart the California we believe in. This state budget crisis threatens any kind of economic recovery. Loans to small businesses ON HOLD.  Job-creation, at a standstill...and the cutbacks are decimating our schools. 30,000 teachers…already laid off. College tuition up more than 200 percent. And now the politicians are talking about $13 billion more in state cuts? We are in a state of emergency, can we really afford $13 billion MORE in cuts ? It's time to take action. This is David Sanchez, as a classroom teacher and President of the California Teachers Association we know our kids and economy can’t afford to wait. So join me and thousands of educators, parents and students at a rally near you on May 13th. Take action at CA-state-of-emergency.com. It's time for lawmakers to pass a state budget that protects our schools, our communities, and our future. Paid for by the California Teachers Association.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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