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CTA Radio Ad "Work  Together" | Now that the elections are over, California has a real opportunity to stop the blame game some are playing with our public schools and start doing what’s best for our children's future. This is David Sanchez, a classroom teacher and President of the California Teachers Association. When educators and parents work together, we CAN make the right reforms that put our students first and improve learning. And today, teachers are leading the way. With reforms like the Quality Education Investment Act -- a program that strengthens lower-performing schools across the state by giving them the resources and support they need. Schools that have made 50 percent higher gains than those not in the program. Schools where minority students and English learners are closing achievement gaps because we are focusing on proven reforms like smaller class sizes, training and collaboration time for teachers, additional counselors and parental involvement. To learn more about education reforms that work, visit CTA.ORG. The California Teachers Association has brought you this message, because we are dedicated to giving EVERY child the opportunity to succeed.



Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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