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Working Californians Radio Ad "Take More":  When California's next Governor takes office, it'll take more than a personal fortune or campaign sound-bite to balance the budget and fix our economy. So instead of just listening to what the candidates say, consider what they've done. As Governor, Jerry Brown helped create one-point-nine million new jobs. The LA Times calls Brown's record on jobs "the strongest of any recent Governor". Time Magazine said Brown "honored his pledge to hold the line on taxes". Brown got rid of the governor's jet and limo and built up the largest budget surplus in state history. Long before it was popular, Brown helped make California a leader in solar and wind energy. Now he has a detailed plan to create five-hundred-thousand new clean-energy jobs...and he's the only candidate with the proven record to get it done. Jerry Brown. A Governor who knows how to get California back on track. Disclaimer: Paid for by Working Californians to Support Jerry Brown Governor 2010. Major Funding by California State Council of Service Employees Small Contributor Committee and California State Association of Electrical Workers Committee. Not authorized by a candidate or a committee controlled by a candidate.

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