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Parents can opt out of testing for their child


As standardized testing is under way or about to begin in schools across California, many parents are reaching out to teachers with questions about these tests and asking if they can opt out of the testing for their child. California is one of handful of states that has a law allowing all parents to opt out of state-mandated standardized testing. At the same time there are also California regulations governing what educators can say to parents and families. CTA has put together a number of resources to help educators have these conversations.

Opt Out Resources

For educators:
School Employees’ Rights Regarding Opting Out of Testing
Must Read: Cut & Share

For parents:
You can Opt Out - Parents Know your Rights - English (abbreviated version to come)
- Arabic
- Armenian
- Cambodian
- Chinese
- Hmong
- Korean
- Russian
- Spanish
- Thai
- Vietnamese

Sample Parent Letter - English

Join the Movement

Sign the NEA Petition to End High Stakes Testing
Fair Test (Just Say No to the Test)
Parents Across America
United Opt Out
Citizens for Public Schools
Sample School Board Resolution (San Diego Education Association)

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