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Tax Fairness

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  • MAKE IT FAIR website

    Fact: In 1978 California ranked 21s in the nation in spending per student; today, California ranks 46th in spending per student. The MAKE IT FAIR website provides you with ongoing information on the tax fairness initiative. Check back often for updates.

  • Sharing the Burden of Recovery
    With the state facing ongoing yearly deficits of $20 billion, the survival of basic services and a healthy public sector is at stake. To address this looming future, the burden of recovery must be shared fairly — in contrast to the current path by which public services, the poor and education have taken the largest cuts and the middle-class has borne the increased tax burden.
  • What Makes a Tax System "Fair"?
    This Budget Backgrounder from the California Budget Project describes what economists generally believe makes a tax system fair, examines how fair California’s tax system is, and discusses why fairness matters.
  • Where Do State Tax Dollars Go
    The State budget is actually a "local budget," which spends more than 70 cents of every tax dollar supporting local communities, such as healthcare services, public safety, and public education. In other words, these dollars support services that impact the lives of every Californian.
  • Tax Cuts Widen the Budget Gap
    When states cut taxes, typically they must make up for the lost revenues by reducing spending, and expenditure cuts tend to reduce any positive impact that tax cuts might have on state economies.

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