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Research & Data

  • Financial Security Scorecard: A State-by-State Analysis of Economic Pressures Facing Future Retirees
    A new analysis finds that nearly every state falls short in key areas that measure retirement readiness.
  • Retirement Inequality Chartbook
    How the 401(k) revolution created a few big winners and many losers
  • CalSTRS Report on funding defined benefit plan
    California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS) Board has released its report about how the multi-billion dollar pension system can continue funding its defined benefit plan.
  • Pensionomics
    A national economic impact study finds that DB pension benefits have a significant economic impact: 6.5 million American jobs and $1 trillion in economic output.
  • CalSTRS Reports
    Every State Senate and Assembly district contains hundreds or thousands of teachers. Cumulatively, teachers contribute a significant portion of economic revenue towards their communities.
  • Addressing Media Misconceptions
    Everyone who pays attention to the news has noticed the drumbeat of reports urgently warning that the public pension system is perched on the brink of disaster and that it will soon collapse, bringing a number of state and local governments down with it. These stories are based on questionable research from self-proclaimed experts in public finance, and their predictions have created misconceptions about the health and future of the public-sector pension system.
  • Research suggests different story on teacher pensions
    After being given a 401(k)-type plan, over 75% of West Virginia's younger teachers decided to make the switch back to the Teachers Retirement System pension plan.
  • Who killed the private sector Defined Benefit plan?
    In recent decades, defined benefit pension coverage has declined for private sector workers. Funding volatility is the primary culprit, not pension costs. Check this brief for opportunities to reverse the trend.
  • The History of the CalSTRS Portfolio
    Learn the history of the California State Teachers' Retirement System Investment Portfolio.
  • The Retirement Crisis: Is it worse than we think?

    The shift away from Defined Benefit pensions to Defined Contribution plans has significantly eroded the retirement readiness and preparedness of American workers.

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