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Human Rights


     Read CTA's Policy Brief on Civil Rights in Education 


    The CTA Human Rights Department advocates equity in all aspects of CTA activities. The department engages staff, members and the public in Human Rights and social justice activities designed to empower all public school children and educate teachers and students to accept different cultures and sexual orientations, thus promoting understanding and tolerance of all differences. Therefore, the intent of the Human Rights Department is to promote positive human relations and improve the education of all students with a focus on equitable access to public education by focusing on the following concerns:

    • A quality education for all students
    • Respect and dignity for all students and teachers
    • Recruitment and retention of a diverse teaching force
    • Education on human/civil rights issues
    • Empowerment of diverse communities to take part in educational decisions

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"CTA believes in an immigration process that includes due process, political asylum, and timely legalization without regard to national origin. Immigration policies should guarantee human rights and protect the integrity of the family unit without discrimination. "

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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