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State Council and Legislation Educators Could Review 300 Bills in April


CTA's State Council of Education could review as many as 300 bills during the three-day session that begins April 5. The 800-member policymaking body of the 325,000-member CTA has primary responsibility for reading through bills, weighing their implications for public education, students and educators, and deciding which measures to support, oppose, or just track.
Elected Council members — including classroom teachers, nurses, counselors, higher education faculty, and education support professionals — vet the bills in subject-matter committees, including Curriculum and Instruction, Financing Public Education, and Professional Rights and Responsibilities. These panels propose positions on the legislation, recommendations that ultimately are voted upon by all State Council members.
The result is a rigorous examination of bills pending in the Legislature and a comprehensive and consistent decision-making process that has the welfare of students and the learning and teaching environment as top priorities.  Positions taken will be online shortly after State Council. This will be a good resource to keep track of important legislation.

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