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State Council: Elected Representatives to Deliberate on Legislative Measures


CTA's policymaking body, the State Council of Education, has a lot of work to do when it convenes Friday in Los Angeles. More than 800 representatives, elected by CTA members at the local level, will review more than 100 bills pending in the Assembly or Senate, along with other assignments.
Council members thoroughly analyze the bills before they take a final vote on whether to support, watch, or oppose measures on issues ranging from education to public retirement systems to human rights.
Typically, CTA legislative advocates identify legislation impacting students, public education, teachers and education support professionals.  Those bills move to specific subject matter Committees of State Council. Those committees, which are composed of members with expertise in an area such as finance or school safety, look at the bills closely. The committees make recommendations that go to the CTA State Legislation Committee. This is the last stop for the measures before heading for consideration by all 800 voting representatives.  The State Legislation Committee reviews the recommendations for several things including their consistency with CTA policy positions.
Ultimately, the recommendations on the measures go before the entire State Council, where voting members have the opportunity to discuss and debate them.  Only then do Council members vote on the positions, establishing the association's official position on the bills.
Among the bills Council committees will be looking at are measures that would streamline the dismissal process, protect the state's crucial class size reduction program, and change the process of funding local schools.
Information about CTA's positions on legislation can be found at CTA Bill Positions on the CTA website.
The site's Progress Report on Legislative Action also provides real-time information about how lawmakers are voting on CTA position bills.

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