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Important Dates


Monday, Feb. 24, is the deadline for lawmakers to introduce new bills for the 2014 legislative year.  During this period, lawmakers and CTA representatives often discuss proposals the legislators are thinking about introducing.  Often, these conversations lead to better proposals.  In some cases, they lead lawmakers to decide against introducing a measure, thanks to information provided by the Association.

Tuesday, Apr. 1, is the date of the first CTA Service Center Council lobbying days.  Educators from the Delta/Capital Service Center are headed to meetings in the state Capitol with lawmakers on key issues, including school funding.  The Alcosta Service Center will be lobbying on April 22nd.

Wednesday, May 21, is CTA's President's Lobby Day, a time when leaders from around the state visit their lawmakers to discuss important issues.  The date is less than a month before the June 15 deadline for lawmakers finalizing the 2014-2015 state budget.

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