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Headed to the Governor for His Signature

AB 699 by Assembly Member Patrick O’Donnell

CTA co-sponsored AB 699 protects students in our public schools ensuring school districts are adopting and monitoring anti-bullying procedures and policies (including immigration status), not collecting information regarding citizenship from students or families, and adopting policy modeled by the California Attorney General limiting assistance with immigration enforcement to ensure our students remain safe.

AB 1360 by Assembly Member Rob Bonta
CTA co-sponsored AB 1360 ensures all students will have equal access to all schools by prohibiting charter schools from setting any admissions preferences that would limit the enrollment of students with disabilities, English learners, low-income children or students of color. Any admissions preference would have to adhere to the California constitution and federal law, and must be approved by the charter school at a public hearing. Charter schools would be prohibited from requiring parental volunteer hours as criteria for admission. And all students will have due process when facing disciplinary action such as suspension or expulsion.

AB 45 by Assembly Member Tony Thurmond 
CTA co-sponsored AB 45 is a key bill that provides financial assistance to school districts to offer affordable housing so that school employees can live in the communities in which they work. This will be key in attracting and retaining educators in the face of the critical teacher shortage.

SB 751 by Senators Jerry Hill & Steve Glazer;
Coauthors Assembly Members Patrick O’Donnell & Adam Gray
Passage of SB 751 represents the culmination of a long debate about school district reserves and the need to impose a cap. CTA supports the bill after ensuring it was amended to change the local reserve cap to 10 percent (except for basic aid and small school districts). These amendments reflect the shared values of providing California’s students educational resources while reserving some for unexpected circumstances.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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