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Governor Releases May Revision to the State Budget

Gov. Jerry Brown released the May Revision to his proposed state budget plan Thursday, May 17. Recognizing higher state revenues than expected in January, the governor maintains his ongoing commitment to increase funding to our students of greatest need and proposes $3.2 billion more in Proposition 98 (K-14) funding for 2017-18 compared to the current year. There’s some good news, but also some disappointing cuts in higher education.


    • An increase of $1.4 billion to the Local Control Funding Formula which will help local school districts recruit and retain high quality teachers and help students have access to the tools and resources they need, and brings the LCFF formula to 97% of full implementation.  
    • Eliminates the one-time $859 million deferral proposed in January. Please note, however, we are reviewing a new provision that appears to pre-approve some cuts to schools in future years.
    • Restores funding to add nearly 3,000 full-day preschool slots and increases reimbursement rates to child care providers.
    • Provides nearly $1 billion in one-time discretionary funding to school districts.
    • Increases the statutory cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) to 1.56%.
    • Increases funding for community colleges to help increase course availability and hiring full-time faculty, but reduces funding increases to the CSU and UC systems, which is deeply disappointing. 
Governmental Relations and NODD staff are looking through all the details presented in the revised proposal. Take a look at the media statement we sent out here. Read the GR Budget Memo here, the GR Community College Budget Memo here, and the NODD Budget Memo here. Read the California Faculty Association media statement here.

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