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Gov. Brown Content with California's Comeback, Educators Urge Lawmakers to Stay the Course

State of the State Address sends strong message of commitment to public schools and student success    

Gov. Jerry Brown delivered his State of the State address today where he highlighted California's comeback and commitment to pay down the state's debts while asking lawmakers to remember the lessons of history.  The message was clear.  We must stay the course.  Thanks to Proposition 30, we are in the second year of repayments to our schools after many years of devastating cuts.  Now, it is essential that we remain focused on the major changes that are before us.

The Local Control Funding Formula is a monumental shift on how we operate our schools and we will ensure the money gets to local schools.  The governor reminded us today the LCFF is about local control so all students can have a fair shot at success.  Implementing the Common Core State Standards is also a major lift that requires a lot of resources, time, professional development, training resources, and overall, commitment; also a reason why we must stay the course.  Rebuilding our schools is rebuilding our communities and, while we're on our way, it will take many years.

CTA will continue to work with the governor and legislators throughout the session on the proposed budget and other pieces of legislation impacting our students, educators and schools. 

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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