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CTA Supports Proposed Regulations for LCFF: Educators to Testify Next Week


CTA members will be testifying on Thurs., Jan. 16, in Sacramento before the State Board of Education about the proposed regulations for implementing the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). The LCFF is boosting appropriations for all schools, with additional allocations to schools with large segments of English learners, children from low-income families, and foster children.

CTA has worked hard to encourage the SBE to adopt regulations that will provide schools, parents, and educators with the flexibility needed to implement the program effectively. These quick points explain how the proposed regulations improve education, help students who need it most, involve parents and the community, strike the right balance between accountability and flexibility, and support continuous transparency.

Read CTA's letter urging the SBE's support.

Contact the members of the State Board of Education and urge them to adopt the draft regulations that CTA is supporting.  You can reach all of them by calling the State Board of Education at (916) 319-0827.

The members of the Board are:

  • Dr. Michael Kirst, State Board President
  • Dr. Ilene Straus, State Board Vice President
  • Ms. Sue Burr
  • Dr. Carl A. Cohn
  • Mr. Bruce Holaday
  • Dr. Aida Molina
  • Ms. Patricia Ann Rucker
  • Dr. Nicolasa Sandoval
  • Ms. Trish Boyd Williams
  • Jesse Zhang, Student Member 

Learn more about them on the State Board of Education webpage.

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