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CTA State Council Supports Ballot Measure to Force Full Disclosure of Contributions


CTA's State Council of Education comprised of nearly 800 educators from all over California voted to support the "Nonprofit Donor Full Disclosure Act of 2014," a proposed ballot measure that would force nonprofit groups engaged in legislative action, initiative campaigns and political issue campaigns to fully disclose the names of donors contributing to the nonprofit campaigns.

In 2012, wealthy special interests spent millions of dollars to try influencing the outcome of ballot measures while hiding their identities behind the shield of a "nonprofit" organization.  This measure aimed for the November 2014 ballot would make it even tougher for these special interests to hide out. 

This measure would give the Fair Political Practices Commission, California's political watchdog agency, more power to prevent "dark money" or hidden contributions, like the more than $10 million that wealthy special interests outside of California spent trying to defeat Proposition 30, the school funding initiative approved by voters. 

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