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CTA-Opposed Bill to Make Significant Changes to Adult Ed System Now a Two-Year Bill


SB 173 by Senator Carol Liu (D-La Cañada-Flintridge), which would establish numerous changes to the adult education system provided within the K-12 and community college systems, will now have a little more time to be discussed. It was turned into a two-year bill in the Assembly Committee on Higher Education

SB 173 goes beyond the provisions of the budget and would have shifted funding for adult education to a performance-based system. It also would have allowed additional fees to be charged to students, reduced access to students, as well as required duplicative reporting requirements to adult education programs. 

It was clearly the intent of the governor and the legislature to begin a gradual shift in both funding and providing adult education to ensure that no students would be harmed. It is also their intent to create a seamless transition that both the K-12 and community college system could enter into while the K-12 system also works to implement the Local Control Funding Formula. 

Read more about CTA's oppose position.

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