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CTA/NEA Directors Urge Congress to Protect School Funding, Boost School Safety, Approve Dream Act


The California Teachers Association's delegation of National Education Association (NEA) Directors met with members of Congress on issues important to educators, education support professionals, and students in California.

On the financial side, the NEA Directors pressed Republican and Democratic Congresspersons to find a compromise that will head off automatic cuts in federal programs, including services that will hurt children, public schools, and public workers.  The NEA Directors are asking Congress to take positive steps to head off the "sequestration" that threatens to throw the economy back into recession and reduce revenues that underwrite public services.

In addition, the CTA/NEA representatives talked to federal lawmakers about steps they can take to make schools safer and prevent gun violence.

The member lobbyists also are seeking the passage of the national "Dream Act," that will help long-term U.S. students to be eligible to attend college and to be included as part of a larger immigration reform package.

For more information, see the NEA Legislative Action Center.

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