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CTA Hosts Briefing on Bills to Educate Legislative Staff as Part of Lobbying Efforts - Teacher Dismissals Topic of March Presentation


The CTA Legislative Relations Department works with lawmakers on behalf of members on key issues impacting the profession. One way the department carries out its objective is by holding briefings for legislators and legislative staff members on bills and issues identified as needing further explanation.  The briefings also include a Q and A session.
CTA recently hosted a briefing on teacher dismissals facilitated by GLS Attorneys Marianne Reinhold and Michael Rothschild.
Approximately 35 legislative staff members who advise the state Senate and the Assembly were in attendance. The attorneys  told the legislators' staffers that California's criminal and education codes give districts and the state significant power to protect students from verbal, physical and sexual abuse at school and at home.
CTA has been hard at work in the state Capitol urging lawmakers to streamline the dismissal process for educators charged with crimes designated by state codes as "immoral conduct." 

CTA plans to host more briefings as the legislative session continues.


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