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CTA-Co-Sponsored Measure to Expand Student Visual Testing Gains More Time for Consideration


CTA-co-sponsored-SB 430 by Senator Roderick Wright (D-South Los Angeles) that would expand currently required eye-testing of students to include evaluations of their binocular vision, has been held over and now becomes a two-year bill. 

The measure, which is also co-sponsored by the California State Board of Optometry, requires students to receive an eye exam that includes a "binocular vision" assessment for eye coordination. Educators believe this is extremely important because it affects a student's ability to read, reading speed and fluency—all factors impacting student learning. 

Studies have found correlations between detectible binocular vision problems and reading difficulties, and they cite significant increases in students' reading abilities after the problems were discovered and treated. 

Current testing only assesses the acuity of a student's eyes – whether glasses are indicated – without determining whether the eyes are coordinating what they see.  SB 430 could result in a substantial number of students remaining in school reducing the number of school drop-outs. 

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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