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Bill to Streamline and Shorten the Dismissal Process Sent to Governor


CTA-supported AB 375, authored by Assemblymember Joan Buchanan (D-Alamo) and co-authored by Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima) and designed to streamline and shorten the teacher dismissal process, is also on the governor's desk to be signed.

Passage of AB 375 addresses educator concerns of keeping students safe, safeguarding the integrity of the profession, and protecting the rights of educators.

"Students and families in our communities can be reassured knowing there are immediate protections for students and a streamlined and shortened dismissal process to ensure charges against teachers are handled fairly and in a timely manner," emphasized CTA President Dean E. Vogel in a statement issued to the news media.

The bill also removes outdated references to code and clarifies the responsibilities of both school districts and educators with respect to the appeal process. Specific provisions include: 

  • Requiring the hearing to commence within six months and the entire appeal process to be complete within seven months 
  • Allowing parties to stipulate to a hearing with an administrative law judge only
  • Increasing the number of teachers eligible to serve on the Commission of Professional Competence by lowering the number of years of teaching experience from five to three years
  • Allowing school districts to begin the dismissal process in the summer

Learn more about AB 375 and read the talking pointsSend a message to the governor and urge him to sign AB 375.

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