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Assembly Education Panel Nixes Idea of Gun Toting Teachers


The Assembly Education Committee on Wednesday listened to CTA and its allies, who told them that arming teachers under the guise of making schools safer is a bad idea.

The panel gave only a single yes vote to CTA-opposed AB 202, by Assembly Member Tim Donnelly (R-Twin Peaks), a measure described by the author as putting a "marshal" plan into schools. Specifically, the measure would have provided for armed and trained teachers protecting schools.

CTA and other bill opponents made it clear that bringing more guns into a school environment would not make schools safer.  Instead, CTA has been pressing for a wide-ranging response that would include expanded counseling services on campus.

Technically, the "voting roll" was held open as this post was filed, but the measure is unlikely to garner more than the one vote showing in the unofficial tally. In fact, the bill received consideration only because a member of the panel provided a "courtesy" second so that the author could talk about the bill and panelists could vote on it.

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