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ESSA - Every Student Succeeds Act

  • ESSA: What's on your Opportunity Dashboard?

    The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) signed into law by former President Barack Obama replaces the deeply flawed No Child Left Behind (NCLB). NEA members and public education supporters accomplished something incredible in their work to pass ESSA, finally getting lawmakers to realize what educators have been saying all along – that test scores alone cannot accurately measure the quality of a school.

    Now states can rely on more than just math and reading test scores when determining a school’s success. They can look at things like robust arts and athletics programs. Full time counselors and nurses and librarians. Strong parent and family engagement programs. Rigorous AP classes and engaging electives. So tell us: what’s on your Opportunity Dashboard?  If you list your priorities, NEA can better communicate with lawmakers about the features and systems that should be included in each state’s ESSA plans. 

    Sign up for email updates via the new ESSA website – and be sure to look at the checklist to help you think through the needs to inspire students' curiosity, imagination and desire to learn.

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