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CTA Launches 'Kids Not Profits' Campaign Calling for Charter School Accountability and Exposing Billionaires' Agenda


In line with our policy and sponsored legislation, CTA launched the Kids Not Profits campaign on August 31. This advocacy and public awareness campaign is calling for more accountability and transparency of California charter schools and exposing the coordinated agenda by a group of billionaires to divert money from California's neighborhood public schools to privately-managed charter schools. These same billionaires are spending record amounts of money to influence local legislative and school board elections across the state.

Together with parents, fellow educators, and civil rights and community groups, we have been talking about the need for accountability and transparency at privately-managed charter schools for some time now. We've sponsored many bills over the last few years. AB 709 was approved and sent to the governor in late August. SB 322 was debated on August 30, but did not have the votes to pass.

The Kids Not Profits campaign includes:

CTA proudly represents more than 5,000 charter school educators and is working with many others who want to join with us in standing up for students and accountability. When the charter law was passed in California in 1992, no one ever intended it to be a playground for billionaires who want to profit off students and push their agenda on the rest of us.

Thank you for working every day to provide our students with the public education they need and deserve. Public education must always be about students, NOT profits for billionaires.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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