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Charter Schools

Charter School

East Bay charter educators lead the way in charter school unionization. Featured above: Newly unionized educators from Envision United (EU/CTA/NEA).

California Charter Schools

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The original intent of charter schools in California was to improve student learning while encouraging the use of different and innovative teaching methods and creating new professional opportunities for educators. It was important that charter schools were developed at the local site level and with the full participation of all “stakeholders,” including educators, school board members, parents, guardians and other members of the community. These “laboratories of innovation” were meant to try new pedagogical approaches on a small scale. Methodologies that worked could then be imported to traditional districts as part of our collective efforts to provide quality education to all California students.

Unfortunately, as charter schools expanded in California many departed from this original vision. Increasingly, charter schools are operated by large charter management organizations (CMOs). This means important decisions are frequently made without sufficient oversight and far from the school communities they are meant to serve.

Now there is a movement to change this and return to the original vision. Charter school educators, parents, students and community members are standing up to make sure charter schools are accountable to our communities. This is being led by charter educators throughout the state who are unionizing to have a stronger voice in decisions that impact their students and profession.  It is also being driven by educators, community members, and students who are working to ensure that charter schools are transparent, accountable and serve our communities.  

How do I unionize at my charter school?

If you are a charter school educator that is interested in unionizing at your charter school, please contact us at CharterEducators@cta.org.  We will connect you with other union charter educators and work with you to develop the best plan to make positive improvements at your school.

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Ensuring Charter Schools are Accountable to Our Communities

Increasingly, local communities of educators, parents and students are pushing for common sense oversight of California's charter schools. This includes ensuring that all schools operate in a transparent manner, appropriately use public resources, have no barriers to enrollment for our kids, and don't harm our neighborhood schools.


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