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IFT Grant Program


(Top bank of photos below): Busy hands swipe at iPad screens in Vicki Fishman’s RSP at Holmes Elementary School in San Diego. Fishman, a member of the San Diego EA, observes as two of her third-grade use their iPads to enhance their reading and comprehension skills. Two sixth-graders from Jack Riviere’s class at Cabrillo School work together on a joint project. Their collaboration was made possible by an IFT Chapter grant to United Teachers of Santa Clara to fund iPads for students in one classroom. Their teacher understands and believes in the power of technology to enhance educational outcomes for middle school students.

(Bottom bank of photos below) La Mirada High School’s Green Jobs program has created a group of enthusiastic students and teachers who understand the opportunities for students in STEM-related careers. Because of CTA members’ voluntary dues contributions to the CTA Foundation for Teaching and Learning, IFT has been able to select the project for four grant awards totaling over $60,000. Four-time grant recipient Norma Williamson sits in the driver’s seat of the student-constructed electric car while her LMHS colleagues, Math/Engineering Teacher Matt Opper and Academy Coordinator John Alvarez look on. One of their students, wearing a Green Jobs hard hat, drives around in an electric go-kart, while two other students pedal electric bicycles. All of the projects were constructed by current or previous E2TA Academy members.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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