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Educators, Parents, and Community Coalition Urge Voters to Support Proposition 55 to Help Children

CTA President Eric Heins, who is an elementary teacher, other educators, parents and community members used a Los Angeles news conference on Monday morning as the opportunity to ask voters to support Proposition 55.

That measure will prevent nearly $4 billion in cuts to education and boost child healthcare services by approving the ballot measure that would keep in effect current income tax rates on the wealthiest Californians.

The event took place as many students returned to campus as part of the traditional school year. It included representatives from CTA, Los Angeles Community College District, the California Federation of Teachers, California State PTA and Children Now. The initiative has also been endorsed by a number of other groups, including the California Medical Association, California Labor Federation, Health Access California, League of Women Voters, Children’s Defense Fund, and Children’s Hospital Association, as well as numerous elected officials and dozens of schools boards across the state.

“Prop. 55 is absolutely critical because we know that without an extension of the current tax rates on the wealthiest, public education will lose up to $4 billion a year – sending us back to the days of massive educator layoffs, larger class sizes, and more cuts to programs like art and music,” said LAUSD Board President Steve Zimmer. “Californians time and again have shown that they value education and don’t want to see our schools face cuts. This November, Californians will once again have the chance to stand up for our schools and students and say yes on Prop. 55 to help our kids thrive.”

Educators from throughout the state, including CTA members, will be working hard this fall to secure passage of this important proposition.

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