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Help Pass CTA-sponsored Mandatory Kindergarten Bill

Hundreds of bills are on the Assembly and Senate suspense files, dozens of which are bills CTA supports.  

Right now, CTA-sponsored AB 1444, the mandatory kindergarten bill by Assembly Education Chair Joan Buchanan (D-Alamo) and Assembly Member Shirley Weber (D-San Diego), is in the Assembly Appropriations Committee, where it is scheduled for a hearing next week.

Generally, this fiscal panel votes bills this time of year into its “suspense” or hold file.  By the end of next week, the panel has to vote out to the Assembly floor those bills it thinks the state can afford.  The bills not voted out next week are as good as dead.

So, it’s vital for CTA members to use the Legislative Action Center now to get in touch with the Assembly Appropriations Committee to help make the case for the bill.

AB 1444 will help ensure the 5% of California youngsters not now enrolled in free public kindergarten or in parochial or private school kindergarten will get the important learning-to-learn tools that today’s kindergarten provides.

Remind panel members that the negligible costs of the bill will be more than covered by the savings to the state of higher graduation rates that will result in more Californians having better, higher paying jobs (which mean higher state income tax revenues)!


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