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Panel Approves CTA-cosponsored Family Leave Expansion Bill

Photo above - (At right at table) CTA Legislative Advocate Seth Bramble testifies in favor of AB 1562, the CTA-cosponsored measure by Assembly Member Jimmy Gomez (D- Los Angeles), during a Wednesday afternoon legislative hearing. (Photos by Len Feldman)

Members of the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee on Wednesday  approved AB 1562, a CTA-cosponsored measure to ensure that all educational employees are eligible to take family leave under the California Family Rights Act.

The measure helps school employees take advantage of the leave-without-pay option open to workers who labor in year-round positions in other industries.  The bill modifies the working hour requirements that have been a major hurdle for educators who are “on the clock” for 10 months or less per year, even though they work long hours and spend off-time preparing for teaching and taking courses.

The bill is especially important for new fathers and mothers because it provides them with leave to bond with their new arrival.

Testimony from Ms. Baker was particularly powerful as she and her husband, Schuyler, are expectant parents with a due-date nearing.

The measure is expected to see its next hearing in an Assembly fiscal committee.

(Photo below) CTA Advocate Jennifer Baker joins author Assembly Member Gomez in urging legislators to vote for the measure. 

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