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CTA Members: Thank You for GOTV Efforts

A letter from CTA President Dean Vogel:

I want to thank you all for getting out and exercising your right to vote yesterday, and for all the work you did to get colleagues, family and friends to the polls. California students and educators were victorious in all our key races. 

Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson came in first. As expected with three candidates in the race, no one got the 50 percent majority necessary to win in the primary. Torlakson will face corporate education reformer and school privatizer Marshall Tuck in November. So please, keep talking about Tom even now. This will be a big battle, and we expect a lot of outside special-interest money for Tuck.

You also helped two colleagues advance to the November general election. In a tough-fought battle against millions of dollars from big developers and corporate special interests, Dublin teacher and mayor Tim Sbranti advanced to the general election in Assembly District 16. Sbranti will face Catharine Baker in November. 

In Assembly District 70, CTA member Patrick O'Donnell won easily and advances to the November runoff against John C. Goya. 

Overall, CTA won nearly 95 percent of recommended state and federal candidate races — including Jerry Brown for Governor, Gavin Newsom for Lieutenant Governor, Kamala Harris for Attorney General and John Chiang for Treasurer. CTA-recommended Propositions 41 and 42 also passed. For all the state election results, visit CTA also won a number of local and county races. More to come on those later. 

Thank you again! Your work and your votes made a difference!

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