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Educators Urge Senate Education Members to Vote for Key Cosponsored Bills

(From right) Sen. Marty Block (D-San Diego) discusses two key CTA cosponsored bills with three educators, Liz Esquiel Waterman, a fourth-grade teacher at Terra Bella Elementary in Terra Bella;  Chantaine Fauntleroy, a teacher at Bret Harte Middle School in Hayward; and Deborah Adams Behm, a fifth-grade teacher at Stone Elementary in Alvord.


The representatives of CTA State Council Negotiations and Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committees met with Sen. Block and talked to six other senators or staff members about AB 1619 (Gonzalez) a measure to extend the right to earn permanent status to certificated employees of small districts and county offices of education, and AB 913 (Chau), which would require charter schools to meet some transparency and accountability requirements all other public schools must meet.


AB 1619, which is cosponsored with the California School Employees Association, and AB 913, which is cosponsored with the California School Boards Association, were slated for a Wednesday hearing in the Senate Education Committee.

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