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300 California Groups Back Common Core

Just as CTA members are reading their latest California Educator magazine all about the value and challenges of the Common Core State Standards, there is good news that more than 300 California business, nonprofit and children’s groups have signed a statement supporting the landmark new standards.

Circulated by the nonprofit children’s group Children Now, the full statement of signers represents an impressive array of community and business groups, including the California State PTA and various chambers of commerce, the San Diego NAACP, several urban school district superintendents, and various chapters of United Way. Read this EdSource story about the outpouring of support.

The statement says Common Core “will benefit students by having fewer, clearer, and deeper standards and require a greater use of analysis, critical thinking and real-world skills.” The petition also backs the Smarter Balanced assessments of the standards because the tests “are designed to help educators and parents know if students are progressing and understanding what they are supposed to be learning.”

The statement also declares: “While we recognize the hard work that needs to be done by teachers, district leaders, and state policymakers to make Common Core implementation successful, we believe that the investment and hard work will pay off for our students in the long run in preparing them for college and career.”

A package of stories in May issue of the California Educator magazine looks at how the changes in academic standards present opportunities and challenges. Other stories are about lessons learned from early California adopters of Common Core, and the disconnect between what resources teachers need to implement the standards – and what districts aren’t providing. Mike Kirst, president of the California State Board of Education, looks at implementation progress to date, while educators can also see and share numerous online Common Core resources and websites.

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