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Guest Blogger: Jacquella (Angel) Payne describes a "Call to Action"

Denver Convention CenterWhat Does a Call to Action Look Like? A call to action looks like NEA's annual Representative Assembly where more than 8,000 educators from 51 states show up to take action on behalf of students across the country.  A group of dedicated people who were willing to drop everything and converge on Denver, Colorado, which is where the RA is taking place this year.  Willing to stand in long lines while waiting to get checked into their hotels.  Willing to miss spending the 4th of July with their family and friends. 

All of the preparations have been made and people have shown up equipped with the information necessary to begin making important decisions – critical decisions about topics such as teachers not being allowed to teach, or teachers not being given the support they need to be successful. About how there is too much testing being required, to the point where it was described by a psychologist as being “unhealthy," and how a teacher's right to due process is being challenged. 

A call to action looks like July 3, 2014 at 10:30 a.m. at the Colorado Convention Center, Exhibit Hall A, which is when the RA will begin and where it will take place.  Where several thousand people will stand waiting to enter.  And when that moment comes to enter, everyone will quickly find their seating, which was assigned for the state of which they will be representing.  They will patiently wait for the announcement that the meeting has begun, and at that moment, a call to action will begin. 

If you are interested in the subjects that will be addressed and what type of action is taken, I urge you to follow #NEARA2014 on Twitter.

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