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Guest Blogger: Corey Penrose reflects on anti-union Supreme Court decision

The news finally pushed to my phone on the bus to the airport. News I was dreading. The Harris v. Quinn decision, the potential destruction of advocacy, one more cut into the flesh of a proud and noble profession. 

In my imagination I wondered: What would the RA look like if, as predicted, the Supreme Court would use the nuclear option and decimate the funding of CTA? 

Between Harris v. Quinn and the Vergara decision, I wasn't sure how much more I could take. I wasn't sure if the RA would even have much of a point for me or for my state.   

Granted, I've seen many of my brothers and sisters from right-to-freeload states manage to keep their professional associations together despite such sustained, brutal onslaughts, but what would that look like in California?  How could we survive? 

As it turns out, however, the nuclear option wasn't employed by the Supreme Court, and we can continue to hold our association together.  But that comforting thought wasn't what finally belayed my dread.  No … it was all of you.  All of my brothers and sisters … from California, from Maryland, from New York, and from Louisiana.

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