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At San Jose Conference, Chapter Presidents Master New Skills, Discuss Challenges with Supt. Torlakson

More than 700 new and experienced CTA Chapter Presidents gathered in San Jose this past weekend to network, learn new skills, and find out more about the challenges facing our schools and educators in the years ahead.

The 60th annual Presidents Conference gave the presidents a chance to work with CTA leaders and staff on issues ranging from bargaining and education reform to political action.

A highlight of the event was a presentation by Supt. of Public Education Tom Torlakson, which focused on issues including the Common Core State Standards, the Local Control Funding Formula, and other steps toward ensuring the students have the best possible educational experience. The teachers and school support professionals cheered Supt. Torlakson, a former classroom teacher, who has championed the cause of students, educators, and public education throughout his career as a lawmaker and elected official.

CTA local and state leaders are among the most highly trained volunteers in the nation.  Their training, delivered through local, state, and national conferences and workshops, prepares them to lead their Chapters in often challenging times.

In recent years, Chapters have had to cope with massive cuts that slashed more than $20 billion for state public education funding. This year, they are dealing with more state funding to help restore some of those cut programs and to launch new efforts to assist some of the state’s neediest students.

Also this year, Chapters have been at the leading edge of helping their members prepare to implement fully the new Common Core State Standards and the new computer-assisted assessments designed to assist educators to provide students with the support they need to succeed.

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