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State Board to Hear from CTA on Local Control Funding Formula on Jan. 16

The State Board of Education will be hearing from CTA and other stakeholders on Jan. 16 about the regulations and “templates” for fully implementing the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF).

That formula is providing all districts with more funding this year and additional allocations to districts with many costlier-to-educate students – including English learners, students from below-poverty line households, and foster children.

The regulations were put into the current draft form after input from CTA and other stakeholders aimed at ensuring that the proposals would provide needed flexibility for local parents, teachers, and districts responsible for making the program work locally.

We believe that

  • LCFF is improving education and leading to improved school performance, better teaching and learning, and higher student achievement.
  • LCFF helps students who need it most by supporting local decision making, targeting investments, and performance to assure every student has the chance to succeed.
  • The proposed LCFF regulations and Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) strike the right balance between accountability and flexibility.
  • The plan supports continuous improvement and transparency by providing a mechanism for local districts to tell how funding is being invested to yield positive outcomes from students, particularly students in need.
  • The State Board of Education’s draft is on the right track, reflecting the Board’s thoughtful consideration of input shared since November.

Learn more by reviewing the draft regulations and other materials at the State Board of Education web site.


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