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State Board of Education Adopts Emergency Regulations Implementing Local Control Funding

First, they listened to testimony from Gov. Jerry Brown, CTA members and more than 300 other witnesses.  Then – as the governor, CTA, and most other witnesses urged-- the State Board of Education voted Thursday afternoon to adopt emergency regulations that will provide local school districts with a template and other instructions on how to implement the state’s new Local Control Funding Formula.

These regulations aim to ensure that districts focus needed attention on the three groups of costly-to-educate students at whom the supplemental and concentration grant elements of the LCFF are targeted: English learners, foster youth, and students living at or below the poverty line.

The governor, educators and others urged the board to adopt the regulations as drafted because they provide a balance between local control and accountability.

For months, CTA and other stakeholders have worked with the Board of Education and its staff to make changes in the November draft of the regulations.  The adopted version incorporated changes, leaving room for – as the governor put it – both imagination and rigor.

In the months ahead, it is expected that the Board will fine tune the emergency regulations into the “final” regulations for the program.

The Board reviewed and voted on information that included:

*       Item 20 Attachment 1 (DOC)

*       Item 20 Attachment 2 (DOC)

*       Item 20 Attachment 3 (DOC)

*       Item 20 Attachment 4 (DOC)

*       Item 20 Attachment 5 (DOC; 2MB)

*       Local Control Funding Formula Implementation Update Slides


CTA Members Tell State Board: Adopt Draft LCFF Regulations and Template

Testifying on Thursday, Jesse Aguilar, a Kern High School Teacher and CTA liaison to the State Board of Education, urges Board members to adopt the pending draft regulations and template for the Local Control Funding Formula.

Aguilar and other CTA Liaisons, including Sharon Whitely and Sandra Thornton, thanked the state board for working hard on the regulations draft and for incorporating the input of classroom educators.

Rural Chapter Leader Urges State Board to Maintain Flexibility

Steve Dillon, president of the Corning Education Association, a CTA rural chapter, tells State Board Members Thursday about the importance of the new LCFF funding to help the district restore programs that were devastated by recent cuts.

Dillon stressed the importance of maintaining flexibility in the regulations. 

“We need time to teach, smaller classes, and tools and technology centered on student learning,” Dillon said.  “Please don’t burden us with the reporting requirements that haven’t made us better teachers.”

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