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Educators Support Full Disclosure Ballot Measure, Oppose Two Deceptive Initiatives

The elected representatives of more than 325,000 educators have voted to support one pending ballot measure designed to increase the transparency of political contributions.  The CTA State Council of Education also voted to oppose two other deceptive measures aimed at the November 2014 ballot.

Our members voted to support the “Nonprofit Donor Full Disclosure Act of 2014,” a measure seeking to ensure that voters know who is providing political contributions.

The measure would make it difficult for wealthy vested interests to hide behind so-called “nonprofit” organizations as a way of masking the sources of campaign dollars.

Last year, the state’s political watchdog agency, the Fair Political Practices Commission, was able to ferret out the source of more than $11 million in “dark money,” even though the sources hid their identities or “laundered” contributions from out-of-state. The funds were used to try defeating Proposition 30 – the CTA-backed temporary revenue measure. The funds were also used to back CTA-opposed Proposition 32, a measure that would have undermined the representation of working women and men in the political arena.

Ultimately, the FPPC issued the largest fine in its history, costing the “dark money” organizations more than $11 million. The new initiative would make those laws even stronger.

The nearly 1,000 CTA State Council members voted to oppose two deceptively named ballot measures:

  • The Public Employees: Pension and Retiree Healthcare Benefits, Initiative Constitutional Amendment, a proposal that would eliminate constitutional protections for employee pension and retiree healthcare benefits. Read more about it here.


  • The High Quality Teachers Act of 2014, a ballot measure that has been submitted by a political agent for education advocate Michelle Rhee, a political operative who previously served as former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s communications director.  The measure would eliminate experience as a factor in layoffs, substituting items including student test scores. Read the Sacramento Bee's take on the measure.


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