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Bullish Governor Urges State Board to Maintain Flexibility on LCFF

Gov. Jerry Brown surprised the State Board of Education and members of the audience by showing up at the Thursday morning hearing on the regulations about the Local Control Funding Formula.

The governor declared that he is “bullish on California schools” and urged the school board to maintain the flexibility that is currently in the draft regulations so that imagination can be paired with rigor.  He warned against making the regulations so restrictive that they force “rigor mortis” on schools.

The governor noted that stakeholders sometimes run to “higher” powers to get resolution, instead of taking local action.  He noted efforts to get federal Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to issue “commands,” rather than allowing local teachers, parents, and school boards to work together effectively.

The governor cheered the fact that “already money from Prop. 30 is flowing into the school districts and that is really big…I acknowledge all who supported it,  including CTA, who put muscle where it was needed….”

The governor noted that “this draft of the regulations has flexibility with the overall goal of achievement and directing more funding where challenges are greater….and a template for accountability, but even accountability can be abused…,” he said, warning against micromanaging schools and teachers.

“Thank God for Prop. 30…if we didn’t have the money, we wouldn’t be here arguing about the regulations. Hallelujah for the money,” the governor said.

CTA representatives, including Liaisons to the State Board, were scheduled to address the Board Thursday afternoon.

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